Our team understands you may have some mobility challenges or old injuries

but you also have fitness goals!

It’s possible to get you fit, but you need to take action and make the commitment to yourself

Covid 19 Update: We’re Open!

Due to the current circumstances, we are still doing Virtual Training but have now opened our doors at Capitol Hill Athletics.

Now is the perfect time to talk to us about your aches, pains, injuries, or movement restrictions. Don’t wait any longer, CONTACT US with a brief description of your injury and when you would be free for a call and let’s get started.

Online Corrective Exercise Training

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What Does Mobility Have to do With Your Fitness Goals?

Our bodies will default to decline . The video below is relevant for active and inactive people. We hope you find it informative!

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ICBC Active Rehab

90% of injuries are treatable with the right methods! Allow us to find the root of the issue and get you pain free

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Stretch Therapy

A little taste of HEAVEN. Countless benefits for the average joe to the fitness freak

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Women's Health Coaching

Get coached on topics NOT talked about in the fitness industry:
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“If you get the chance to work with Asma, I strongly recommend you take it. She is amazing and life changing! I had tried other therapies without success and wondering if this was going to be another waste of time.”Ramona, Vancouver

What Our Clients Have To Say

“I started here for active rehab because of pain and the inability to do some physical activities due to a car accident. I went from being inactive and weak to strong and excited to work out. I can’t say enough good about this amazing team! Thank you” – Elena, 35

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