Active Rehab Rates

Dear Clients & lawyers, Effective March 1 2019, our ICBC Active Rehab rates will be increasing to $85/hour. If the client is paying independently they will be responsible for the full $85/hour. If they have ICBC Part 7 coverage, they will be responsible for the remaining amount of $35. For questions regarding rate increase, please see our FAQ’s or feel free to contact us.   Thank you Asma @ Active Kinetix

Dehydration Symptoms (What If I Do Drink Enough Water?)

Good for you if you are drinking enough water.You’ll feel vibrant and full like this fun cactus. If not, here are some things to consider. If you are not drinking enough water and are wondering about dehydration symptoms – click one post back.  1) Water vs. Electrolytes? There is a process called osmosis which allows water to enter the cells. This is an essential piece to ‘hydration.’ As I said on my previous dehydration post – …

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Dehydration Symptoms (What If I Don’t Drink Enough Water?)

Likely if you don’t drink enough water and are dehydrated, you’ll look & feel like the cactus in this picture  The list of dehydration symptoms I’ve compiled in my head over the years is never ending. (the latest and most interesting one for me at the moment is the last one ) Here is how your body may respond to Dehydration: 1) One that impacts daily life, AND often goes under the radar is feeling …

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Dehydration Symptoms (How Much Water Should I Drink?)

There are several factors to consider, so let’s get into it! 1. What type of foods are you eating. Meats require a lot of breakdown (chemical breakdown requires water) , high fiber foods require water to allow the fiber to move through your intestine. If you have specific questions comment below and if I can’t answer I’ll be tagging a fabulous friend who can answer. 2. About 30ml of water per kg of lean body …