About Us

Asma Kassam, BHK, CSNA, CFST


  • Bachelor of Human Kinetics – UBC
  • Global Bodyweight Training – Animal Flow 1
  • Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist
  • Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor (500 hours)
  • Functional Aging Specialist
  • Certified Group Fitness & Indoor Cycle Instructor


  • Full Fascial Strength & Mobility
  • Women’s Health Coaching
  • Active Rehab

For 10 years, Asma and her team have successfully worked with 100’s clients, bringing them new techniques and modalities to help them with their fitness and mobility.

Asma has since expanded into Health Coaching, as she believes achieving sustainable fitness and optimal health is only possible when the mind and body are connected. Topics such as adrenal health, breathing properly, fascial health, intuitive eating, which is not addressed in the fitness industry is extremely important for women and men to look and feel their best. For more information on this please visit

Axel Attal, HKin, FRC, CFST 1


  • Human Kinetics Diploma – Capilano University
  • Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist – Level 1
  • Functional Range Practitioner – FRC
  • ACSM Personal Trainer & Certified Agatsu Kettlebell Instructor – Level 1


  • Fascial Stretch Therapy for limitations
  • Injury Rehab
  • Movement Correction/Exercise Rehabilitation/Mobility Training
  • Strength Training/Calisthenics

Axel has provided training services to the fitness community for over 8 years and has worked in many different facilities from physio clinics to corporate gyms. Throughout his career, he has come across a wide variety of individuals with various movement goals and has worked diligently to ensure their continued success while mitigating injury. His approach is driven by a strong understanding of fundamental joint function, and prioritizing quality of movement and technique as well as education. He believes FST is an instrumental part of maintenance to flush out faulty movements that develop over