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Following a car accident, or any other event in which injury or trauma is caused – it is often recommended to start with Physiotherapy or Chiropractic Treatment, to help the body cope through the acute stage of injury.

Before a plateau is reached (pain symptoms linger and functionality limitations start setting in), Active Rehabilitation is your next step to becoming STRONGER, FLEXIBLE, MORE ACTIVE, AND PAIN-FREE  

We find communicating with your Physiotherapist or Chiropractor very helpful but in cases where that isn’t feasible, we ask you details of the type of treatments you have undergone. This is taken into consideration when formulating our approach for you. 

We always will use a full-body approach  based on the body’s fascial system. We rarely focus on one specific area, especially if injury and symptoms have manifested for a longer duration of time. 

Our Approach

"Our success with people is due to our full-body approach that the body is connected from head to via Fascia. Finding various areas that are 'over-activated or not activated is our secret sauce. Combining our approach with an intuitive, educated therapist is how we push people out of physical and mental plateaus."

Asma Kassam, founding Kinesiologist

How To Start Your ICBC Active Rehab With Us

**Nov 2020 Update: Currently accepting new clients**

1. The first step is getting details on your approval from ICBC. Usually, ICBC will fund 12 sessions 12 weeks after your Motor Vehicle Accident

2. In order for us to confirm your approval, please email us your claim # and adjustor or lawyer information

3. If you have a GP referral or Physio Referral, send that to us as well

4. Once we receive your info, you can go ahead and book your ICBC Active Rehab Initial Assessment online

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