Active Rehabilitation

Work one-on-one with a Kinesiologist/movement specialist on improving your core strength, mobility, and flexibility to decrease pain and discomfort.

Following a car accident, or any other event in which injury or trauma is caused – it is often recommended to start Physiotherapy or Chiropractic Treatment, to help the body cope through the acute stage.

Before a plateau is reached – pain symptoms linger and functionality limitations start setting in, Active Rehabilitation is your next step to becoming STRONGER, FLEXIBLE, MORE ACTIVE, AND PAIN-FREE  


We use mobility, stability, and strength assessments to assess the limitations that have resulted from injury. We also consider the treatments that you have gone through, what has worked well, and what areas may need more attention for strength-building. From here we devise a plan that will be best suited for YOU.

“People’s ability to make big strides in recovery from injuries using a full-body, has validated our hard-work.  We aim to gain maximum knowledge of your injury and constantly fine-tune to ensure each session is optimal for your abilities” – Asma, founding Kinesiologist


Muscle flexibility is necessary for your body to move normally and free of discomfort. Tight Muscles affect the low back, neck and shoulders. Increasing flexibility means less discomfort, improved circulation and increased energy.

See Fascial Stretch Therapy


Strengthening appropriate muscles is necessary to prevent Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI’s) that can occur whether you have a desk job, a physically demanding job, or during various physical activities.


Injuries lead to muscle and joint stiffness which can be painful. Engaging in muscle release techniques and range of motion exercises helps mobilize muscle and joints to relieve discomfort.

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  • Decrease Pain & Discomfort

    Live a pain-free, active lifestyle where your old or new injury isn’t preventing you from doing things you enjoy

  • Increase Mobility

    Move and bend your body through a comfortable range of motion without muscle and joint restrictions.

  • Better Core Strength & Stability

    Core strength is pivot for everyone of all ages. Improving stability will help you at work and at home, not to mention you decrease chances of future injuries.

  • Improve Mental Health

    Exercise has a positive impact on hormone balance, energy levels, mood, and sleep.

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