ICBC Active Rehabilitation

Following a car accident, or any other event in which injury or trauma is caused - it is often recommended to start with Physiotherapy or Chiropractic Treatment, to help the body cope through the acute stage of injury.

Before a plateau is reached (pain symptoms linger and functionality limitations start setting in), Active Rehabilitation is your next step to becoming STRONGER, FLEXIBLE, MORE ACTIVE, AND PAIN-FREE  

We find communicating with your Physiotherapist or Chiropractor very helpful but in cases where that isn't feasible, we ask you details of the type of treatments you have undergone. This is taken into consideration when formulating our approach for you. 

We always will use a full-body approach  based on the body's fascial system. We rarely focus on one specific area, especially if injury and symptoms have manifested for a longer duration of time. 

"Our clients experience success due to our experience and approach. We find the most effective way to rehab the injury long-term, and then educating our clients on what to do and why, allows them to experience results they didn't think were possible. The intuitive educated, wide-lens approach, combined with a client who understands their body - is how we push people out of physical and mental plateaus."

Asma Kassam, founding Kinesiologist


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