“I need to work my a$$ off to be successful”

This is an example of a mindset I just shifted away from… ⠀⠀

This mindset has kept me in a certain lifestyle for years. since becoming aware of behaviours entailed with this mindset, I have been doing a lot of re-patterning of this old mindset.

One of the practices I use now is to think about my highest self. ⠀

Oh yeaaaaa. Her!!! She is you. You are her. Okay. That deep knowing that there IS more for me, is for real. ⠀

Awareness: The old patterning still lives inside my tissues. Fascial tissue holds our past and present physical and emotional information. I often call fascial tissue – our autobiography.

I feel the old patterning creeping up on me on Sunday night when I haven’t looked at my work, I haven’t planned my next day, I haven’t planned when I’ll get my movement in, I haven’t even planned the workshop I’m leading. ⠀

I write down my anxious thoughts, do some Breathwork, oil up my body, pray and trust that my mind and body are aligned enough to serve and carry me. ⠀

Pulling out the roots from the mindset that no longer serves me.⠀

I think about my highest self I think:⠀
is she grinding? working hard? ⠀


is she working from a place of inspiration, flow, and ease?⠀
Does she work with old patterns that no longer serve her? ⠀


Is she attuned to her flow and energetic rhythm?

I trust I have enough knowledge to do 10 workshops without being ‘fully prepared.’
I trust I have discipline anchored so deep in my bones and can channel it when I need to. ⠀
I trust I can spend time with myself just as if I was sitting in presence with a partner. ⠀

By way of allowing myself to FEEL like my highest self, I can shift out of the mindsets that keep me rooted. ⠀

See your highest self daily, weekly, annually. Wave, you are her, him. ⠀
She is you. He is you. ⠀


Becoming aware of the behaviour patterns and mindsets that may no longer serve us is part of the work we do in Find Your Flow AKA The Missing Link in Women’s Fitness. Our patterns and mindset is what shifts behaviour in favour of achieving optimal health.



Asma Kassam, BHK, CSNA, CFST

Kinesiologist, Fascial Stretch Therapist, & Women’s Health advocate