Dehydration Symptoms (What If I Do Drink Enough Water?)

Good for you if you are drinking enough water.You’ll feel vibrant and full like this fun cactus. If not, here are some things to consider. If you are not drinking enough water and are wondering about dehydration symptoms – click one post back

1) Water vs. Electrolytes? There is a process called osmosis which allows water to enter the cells. This is an essential piece to ‘hydration.’ As I said on my previous dehydration post – about stress, hydration also occurs on a cellular level.

2) Yes we do pee out some minerals, so again – if you think you’re not drinking the correct amount of water (too much), refer to the post about ‘How much water to drink.’
(if you’ve been told by your doctor to drink a certain amount, we advise to stick to what your doctor has recommended for you).

3) If you’re marathon training or training hard for something and sweating alot – your bod will need more salts than usual to allow for recovery. Low blood pressure will be a good indicator of this. Add a few pinches of pink salt to your water – or sprinkle a tad extra on your food (be aware of your blood pressure levels and do not increase salt if you have high blood pressure)

4) What are you drinking out of? Hopefully not plastic 

5) Tune in to your body. If whatever you’re doing NOT isn’t making you feel great – time to reevaluate. Try different amounts of water, try subbing in a herbal tea to help with digestive health or whatever is the issue. 

Listen to your body, what’s it telling you?

Other than that, drinking water doesn’t mean absorbing the water. The best way to ensure absorption is doing various activities – different types of physical activities, massage, foam rolling, fascial stretch therapy are all ways to improve absorbency of the water you are drinking. 

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