Ever Feel Like Your Fitness Goals Are Not Within Reach?

Yes, sometimes it feels like your fitness goals are never within reach. Don’t worry you are not alone.

I’m not going to say “just breathe and let it go” because… Well…. Fitness is IMPORTANT!! Rather, aside from numerous questions, I would also ask if you pay attention to your breathing.

What does breathing have to do with your fitness goals? It has everything to do with your health, sleep quality (hormone regulation), DIGESTION (proper absorption of nutrients and proper elimination of toxins), FAT BURNING, cortisol, energy levels, mood (agitation & irritability), CLENCHING (tight muscles), and so so so much more.

I also would go through proper breathing with you, from the DIAPHRAGM…AKA your breathing muscle.

Sometimes people just need to learn and practice…. Sometimes people’s thoracic spine/torso/diaphragm/ribs are so stagnant from years of improper breathing/poor posture that they need a little extra coaching.

QUICK TIP: If you’re not sure, lay down and place your hand on your stomach, and breathe just as you would. If your hand moves up and down as your stomach rises and falls – that’s great. Make sure you practice the same breathing when standing. If your hand doesn’t rise and fall with your stomach, practice for 5 minutes!! (it won’t be easy). Oh and avoid those shoulders shrugging while you breathe will ya!

So before you get frustrated with your lack of results or you plateau, evaluate your wellness from a holistic perspective because as I said earlier, breathing has everything to do with your fitness goals. See my upcoming post on Fascia

If you need more help and can’t seem to get it on you own, once again – you are not alone. Drop us a line or give us a call to talk about what your needs are and we can help you.

(p.s. I personally don’t call it meditation because I’m usually mentally and physically very occupied whilst my daily breathing)!!!