Exercises To Tone Arms

tonearmsI strongly believe in being fit and healthy from the inside first, but why not sculpt your arms in the process to give yourself something extra to feel good about! So here we go, let’s get into exactly how to tone your arms! Read tips!






Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle is Within Reach for Everyone


There was an investment to adopting a healthier lifestyle. An investment that has an endless list of payouts, such as higher self-confidence, improved physical health, stronger muscles and bones, more contentment with life, and the ability to not only feel but to exude gratitude which leads others to be subconsciously drawn to your energy.


Our thoughts are the foundation for adopting a healthy lifestyle. There are other layers involving physical tools and gadgets to facilitate healthy eating and ensuring you get enough exercise. Read on to guide yourself to making health and fitness a priority in your and your family’s life.


Garmin’s New Fitness Tracker – Vivosmart

Introducing Garmin’s new fitness tracker: the Vivosmart. The Vivosmart is a build up from Garmin’s previous activity tracker the Vivofit. It has various features that differentiate it from the Vivofit read more


Diamondback 910IC Indoor Cycle Review

Having taught Indoor cycle classes for 2 years, I have had my share of experiences with various indoor cycles. I was excited to test out the indoor cycle since I had never used this specific brand before.

There were 2 main features of this bike that I instantly enjoyed … read more


Outdoor Summer Fun with Stott Pilates

As a trainer I notice the gyms generally slow down during the summertime, and that’s okay, as long as you find other fun ways to stay active and get your sweat on! Many people gravitate towards going for walks, hikes, runs, etc which is great.

But since that is all self explanatory I will present you with a few pieces of equipment by Stott Pilates to make your summertime fitness even more different and perhaps a little more intense while still being outdoors and taking in the vitamin D… read more


Staying Fit No Matter Where Your Travels Takes You

Whether travelling or going out locally we may find ourselves out of the house a little more as the weather warms up. This is great but no matter who you are this could put a dent in your attempts to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

Being an on-the-go individual, people often ask me how I maintain a healthy diet, and how do I keep fitness a regular part of my life. First of all I recognize that it is not always easy. Having been on a few trips this year, I have fully experienced how deviating from my regular regimen quickly reflected on my nutritional choices, fitness routine, and thus my health. I will go through 3 different things I adopted to help me stay on track when away from home…. read more


Protein – Isolate Whey. Why Take it, Who Needs it, ad product review. (Other Protein related articles)

Protein is one of 3 macronutrients needed for growth, metabolism, and each vital function in the body. Protein is acquired from our diet. Foods such as chicken, fish, tofu, eggs are all high sources of protein. Aside from food, protein powder is also a quick and clean source of protein. The powders can be made from various ingredients i.e. Whey (Dairy), Casein, Vegan (which can be made from brown rice), Soy, Hemp, and Pea protein.

I have experimented with many different types of protein powders over the years such as Whey, Vegan, Soy, and Hemp. I have a preference for Whey Isolate…read more


Prevent Injuries Using a GoFit Foam Roller and Massage Bar: Product Review

In a previous posts, I have discussed The Importance of Stretching in which my last tip was to try ‘muscle release techniques.’ Muscle Release techniques have grown in popularity because it is necessary for optimal injury treatment and injury prevention. Other than injury prevention, there are many benefits to foam rolling. Think of foam rolling like a deep sport massage, it feels great (after a couple runs at it that is)!

The GoFit sport and fitness equipment line has a Foam Roller and Massage BarMy previous experience with GoFit equipment (resistance bands) has been GREAT. I was eager to test out this new equipment because I have used different brands of each type of equipment.

What I like about the GoFit Foam Roller is:


SKLZ Sport & Fitness Equipment Review

Since there is a wide range of SKLZ equipment including Sports Training and Fitness, I mainly chose one piece of equipment from each category: the Gold Flex Golf Trainer and Core Training Wheels. My experience with these peices of equipment, and couple others made by SKLZ, gave me an overall perception of the quality and usability of the SKLZ Equipment.

Having a strong ‘core’ is important for everyone – adults who are busy in their careers, athletes, average exercisers, and stay at home moms. A strong core is one more step anyone can take towards injury prevention, decreasing low back pain, and increasing functional capabilities to help with even the simplest everyday tasks like loading boxes or lifting groceries in out out of a car.

Though I usually yield caution when using fancy ab equipment, as a fitness trainer I also know that there are only so many variations of crunches and planks; the last thing we want is for exercise to become repetitive and non-challenging.

One piece of equipment that has been a topic of contention are


How to Jump Rope, What Type of Rope to Use, & My Jump Rope Tips

Jumping rope is something many of us used to do as a kid. It used to be a form of “playing” and having various contests. Through adulthood, aside from traditional cardio equipment , the jump rope is a great way to burn fat, condition your heart, and tone your legs. Jumping rope is also easy to add to quick transitioning circuit training workouts as it  requires no time to adjust equipment which is great, however because we have gone through 20+ years of life and have possibly incurred some injuries along the way, read on how to jump rope correctly to prevent injuries, and learn about the different types of ropes available to determine which is best for you. Continue reading about Jumping Rope


Striiv Pedometer Review

Last month I told you about new fitness monitors: interactive tools designed to help motivate you to reach your fitness goals. There are standard pedometers, then there are ones with built in applications that are designed to motivate you through the busiest of days and keep you moving to keep up with the ‘friends’ you are walking with. The Striiv 2 “High Resolution” Pedometer is one I am referring to.

 Read on to see if this is the device that can help motivate you to increase your exercise per day. 


Teachers – Incorporating a Healthy Lifestyle Before Going Back to School

Teachers are a large part of children’s and teenagers’ lives. They spend hours giving to their students, ensuring they recieve the best classroom experience. Summertime can be a prime opportunity for teachers to give back to themselves by creating an exercise routine that can then be maintained throughout the hectic school year.



FitBit vs. Jawbone Up

With the growing importance of health and fitness comes along a growing number of products available to help you better understand your health and hence better enable you to reach your fitness goals. I often times recommend my clients to set fitness goals, use various apps and monitor their progress along the way. Research has shown, those who track their progress are proven to have more success in improving their health and wellness.


How to Run a 5K

Running is an excellent form of exercise that burns excess fat and it also serves as a great form of what I call ‘exercise therapy.’ It’s repetitive nature doesn’t require the runner to be very mentally focused and once you are able to pace yourself, running provides a feeling of freedom and accomplishment. Increasing your running distance can be challenging if you don’t have a plan. A running training program is foremost. IHowever, there are things that your training program won’t tell you regarding diet, footwear, stretching, & rest. Follow these simple strategies on how to run a 5k.


Bodybuilding 101

Bodybuilding is an exercise program involving regular weight training in combination with nutrition supplements as well as rest and recovery. The purpose of a traditional bodybuilding program is to gain big muscle size from head to toe. From there many bodybuilders enter competitions to showcase their hardwork. Bodybuilding has been around for years and the protocols or Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronnie Coleman and for female bodybuilders Valentina Chepiga, are still being put into practice in gyms today. For the beginner bodybuilder, there are a few key points to be familiar with when it comes to weight lifting, supplements, and a proper program. Read more of Bodybuilding 101


Top 10 Weight Loss Tips for Summer

Summer is around the corner and many of us want to look and feel our fittest at this time. Dropping fat weight is possible to do by incorporating some of these simple tips. Once you see and feel the pounds dropping off, you will want to maintain these habits and keep striving for a healthier and sexier you.

Looking summer bright and tight is simple. Follow my guide to the top 10 weightloss tips using natural and or affordable methods