Fascial Stretch Therapy

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“Being a Kinesiologist for 12+ years and being devoted to helping people with their mobility, injuries, and rehabilitation – using my training as a Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist, the knowledge of Fascial lines, the nervous system, and years of experience working with people with injuries, I’m able to FEEL where the body is holding on and what is preventing long-term rehabilitation.  

The body is holding and molding everyday to support our current demands.  Let’s figure out where attention is needed  – so your body can truly release the need for the constant tension.

– Asma

What is Fascial Stretch Therapy?

What Type of People Benefit from FST?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Type of Pain Does Stretch Therapy help?

I specialize in working with people who have been dealing with a long-term injuries. I use a combination of my Kinesiology tools, Fascial Stretch Therapy, and some light somatic techniques to build new neural patterns. 

I also help people with newer injuries that have occurred due to some unknown factor. If you are experiencing some new discomfort/pain/tension – these are your body’s whispers, listen to them and seek out treatment that will point you to the root cause so it doesn’t have to be something you manage for a long time.

2. Does Stretch Therapy fix injuries completely?

Our Stretch Therapy sessions are designed to create a plan and progression for you. It’s never a one hit wonder with the people that come in to us. If you’re down to dedicate about 10-15 minutes a day to follow your routine – along with minor lifestyle adjustments, WE GOT YOU!!!

3. How many stretch sessions are typically needed?

It depends on how deep the injury has manifested AND how it has affected your movement, mechanics. My clients feel results after 1 session… AND it takes time for the nervous system to re-pattern those results for long-term healing. This requires consistency and progression.

4. What if I am not sure if I am a good candidate?

Usually you have an intuitive sense on what your body needs. Many of my clients have been to a variety of therapies with good short-term success but find themselves managing the same injuries for years. 

5. What if I am STILL not sure if I am a good candidate?

No problem! Give us a call. Book a free 15min consult call here to discuss 



  • Decrease Joint & Muscle Pain

    Tight, inflexible muscles often pull on bones and joints causing the bone or joint to misalign, causing aches & pains

  • Decrease Joint & Muscle Pain

    Tight, inflexible muscles often pull on bones and joints causing the bone or joint to misalign, causing aches & pains

  • Improved Posture & Alignment

    Releasing imbalnaced tension allows bones and joints to resume proper alignment

  • Move Freely

    Restricted muscles decrease our ability to move around pain-free. Improving Range of Motion allows us to move more and more freely

Fascial Stretch Therapy Rates



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5 Sessions


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