Feeling Stiff?

Not sure whose with me but I feel super stiff any time I have a lack of exercise routine! Whether I’m out of town or have a big project I’m working on, I’m always excited to get into the regimen, and to make sure I don’t hurt myself going back to the gym after a week, 2 weeks, more, I make sure to book my FST sessions to ensure my mobility is up to par for the workouts I love to do.

Lucky to have these two sexi-flexi’s on the team as our FST therapists and movement specialists!!! They give me added knowledge about my body mechanics and an hour of relaxation (without my phone)!!! Jessica and Axel are exceptionally knowledgable in anything body movement related.


They’re always pumped to see new and returning people. I also love that they’ll give you the knowledge you need about your body and whether you choose to work on their recommendations or come in periodically, you will FEEL BETTER than you did before your first appointment.

Really not much to loose. To myself (and many others) exercise and stretching are an imperative piece to living our best LIVES!!!

✔️If you need any help with the way your body feels, any injuries, or nagging aches, demotivation from injuries – highly recommend these two particular folks!!

✔️Book your appointment online or shoot us an email at info@activekinetix.com

See you soon!