Foot Pain and Plantar Fasciatis: Footwear

Welcome to our Part 4 of 4 blog post in the “Foot Pain and Plantar Fasciatis” series – Footwear


If you are having knee pain, this blog post (and the entire series) will be very relevant to you as it is possible your knee pain is coming from lost range of motion in your foot so be sure to also check out our drills that pertain specifically to treatment of knee pain

At the bottom I have included the links to the other 3 components to treating Plantar Fasciatis and Foot Pain. 


While footwear is not the ONLY solution to treating Plantar Fasciatis and Foot Pain but wearing the WRONG shoes can highly effect the foot mechanics and limit your natural walking stride. Not to mention inappropriate shoes also puts excess stress on the knees, hips, low back, and up the myofascial chains even affecting the shoulders and neck!

Speaking from personal experience myself, being on my feet training client after client, after a 9-10 hour day, my footwear is extremely important. The right shoes can help mitigate many issues such as knee pain, foot PAIN (or tired feet), and low back pain. 

Also, going barefoot (which is discussed in blog post part 2 of this series), is by far one of the best treatments for foot pain.


Here is the 3 min video and believe me, I could have gone on for 10. Watch as you feel necessary and let us know if you have any questions!


TRY THIS: After you watch the video, go to your shoe closet and do the 'bend test.'



People usually ask me what brand of shoes I recommend. Every brand has a different feel, fit and multiple styles (minimalist to more supported). Also, every person’s usage or activity is different. One brand worth checking out also is Vivo shoes. They are very nice looking shoes and they are made to let your feet do their thing.


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