How Much Water Should I Drink?

How much water should I drink is not a question we get asked all the time, but it should be because there are many people walking around dehydrated and has sometimes visible dehydration symptoms. Water, makes up most of our body. It is necessary for our body to carry out vital functions such as hormone production, cell regeneration, skin health, energy formation, digestion, circulation, respiration, and so much more… 


Despite the importance that has been placed on “8 cups of water a day,” which is s very generic statement but more harmful is when people fail to drink even half of that. 

Here are some pointers to help you discover how much water your body needs: 

Factors to consider:

1. What type of foods are you eating. Meats require a lot of breakdown (chemical breakdown requires water), high fiber foods require water to allow the fiber to move through your intestine. If you have specific questions comment below and if I can’t answer I’ll be tagging a fabulous friend who can water

2. About 30ml of  per kg of lean body mass. If your body fat is 20%, your LBM is 80%.
Multiply your weight in kg x 30ml. So for example a 150lb (54kg) person with 20% body fat (80 lean body mass) needs about 1620ml (1.6L) of water/day. 

3. Activity level – let’s think of activity even on a cellular level. Remember our body needs water for every chemical reaction from hormone regulation to fat-burning. Throw in stress (requires energy) and exercise or a physical job, and you’ll likely need more to stay alert and energized. 

4. Illness – when sick or fighting a health issue, our cells are in overdrive trying to fight to keep the body at optimal AKA – more chemical reactions AKA more water needed 

5. Lastly, and simply what colour is your pee? (look up ‘urine chart’ for more info)!
Hope that helps! Still got 2 more posts for you guys so check out the next blog!