how much water should i drink

Dehydration Symptoms (How Much Water Should I Drink?)

how much water should i drink

There are several factors to consider, so let’s get into it!

1. What type of foods are you eating. Meats require a lot of breakdown (chemical breakdown requires water) , high fiber foods require water to allow the fiber to move through your intestine. If you have specific questions comment below and if I can’t answer I’ll be tagging a fabulous friend who can answer.

2. About 30ml of water per kg of lean body mass*. If your percentage of body fat is 20%, your lean body mass (LBM) is 80%.
Multiply your weight in kg x 30ml. So for example a 150lb (54kg) person with 20% body fat (80 lean body mass) needs about 1620ml (1.6L) of water/day just to keep everything functioning. Continue reading the rest of these factors and learn about how much YOU may need to drink

3. Activity level – let’s think of activity even on a cellular level. Remember our body needs water for every chemical reaction from hormone regulation to fat-burning. Throw in stress (requires energy) and exercise or a physical job, and you’ll likely need more to stay alert and energized.

4. Illness – when sick or fighting a health issue, our cells are in overdrive trying to fight to keep the body at optimal AKA – more chemical reactions AKA more water needed

5. Lastly, and simply what colour is your pee? (Google ‘urine chart’ for more info)!



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*Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor course content – Dr. Cory Holly