How to get coverage for our services?

How to Get Coverage for Kinesiology Services

There are a few options, though honestly speaking, waiting for coverage for your health services – is like waiting to buy a cell phone to see if the company you work for will cover it. You likely will need it anyway, and won’t ever question NOT having one because of the price. (I just bough a new phone and it was over $1200. Didn’t even question it, because, well…. duh?)

That’s how we feel about health!!

“…But you pay monthly for the phone so it’s manageable.”

Yes, our clients pay monthly too or per session (works out to the same thing).

It’s just that most people don’t set aside a budget for Health and Fitness because it’s not a ‘NECESSITY.”

My personal mission is just getting people to exercise and be aware of their rapidly declining strength and mobility so you can live your life with energy, motivation, self sufficiency, and actually have infectious energy! Whether you come see us, or go to the guys next door… (well… maybe I’d prefer you come to us, haha)! I don’t think I’ve heard anyone say they regret making their health a priority.


Alright, let’s get to how you could possibly get coverage:

1) Extended Health: More and more plans are just starting to entertain Kinesiology. I personally had coverage, my plan was with Desjardins (because they are from the east, and in Ontario, Kinesiology is covered). A couple of our clients have plans with Pacific Blue Cross. If your plan has something that you do not use, you can request through your HR department to contact the insurer to supplement the coverage for your company.

2) Car Accident: If you have been in an MVA, it is ICBC’s policy to help you with your rehabilitation hence you will get Active Rehab with a Kinesiologist covered. We consistently get Physicians, Physio’s and Chiro’s recommend their patients come see us, as it will greatly help strengthen their body to help them return to a normal, energized, life.

3) Health Spending Account: Bigger companies such as Deloitte, Ernst and Young, KPMG (and sometimes smaller companies too) have health spending accounts. Worth checking it out!


As always, we are here to answer any questions and guide you along in the right direction. Just shoot us a message or give us a call.

We appreciate you taking the time to educate yourself and your family on how to improve your health and fitness. Even if 5 people gain awareness of their health and fitness, then Kinesiology week (Nov 12-18 2018) is a success so far.


If you want to continue learning more, we promise our content is all FUN, INNOVATIVE, and INFORMATIVE!!! We don’t email out weekly, more like monthly, or whenever we really have something to share!!!

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