Move Better! FST Xmas Gift Cards Are Back!

YES!! WE DO HAVE THEM AGAIN! We’re a little late this year so if there’s that someone that you want to give an hour of heaven to — Fascial Stretch Therapy has been a very popular gift for people 30-65🎁🎄for a few years now!

If you haven’t purchased yourFST Christmas Gift Cards yet, these puppies are on sale for $80 (60 min stretch sesh). Regular $100-$115. *One GC can be used per person*


If you’ve heard your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend, brother, sister, parent/in-law, colleague, friend complain about their neck, back, shoulder, hips, feet, what have you, then this WOULD DEFINITELY be the gift for them this year… OR HEC what do you get someone that has everything?!

If you have someone in mind and are not sure if this would be suitable, please contact us with your question!

If you don’t already know what FST is, feel free to visit this link to see more info on Fascial Stretch Therapy! The GC is transferrable too and has a 6 month expiry.


Oh and if you’ve bought for everyone, don’t forget to give yourself some love too!! If you’re not sure if Fascial Stretch Therapy can help you, we hope this helps❤️.  This price will likely not return for a long time.


Email and our admin assistant will send you your invoice and arrange delivery of the Gift Card!


Merry Christmas from the AK Team!


Check out our short blog post on How Fascial Stretch Therapy affects neck and shoulder tension