Relieving Wrist Tension to Ease Shoulder Tension

Think about how much we use our hands. For many of us whether we work on a computer, or text, our hands are constantly working in the same position. Now extra wrist care must be applied. This also goes for all Hair Stylists, Servers, Painters, Tradesmen, Labourers of all kind.

When people come to see us for neck and shoulder tension, they often tell us they do x. y, and z stretches to relieve neck and shoulder tension. This is not a bad start, but as we know, it is very temporary. For some people we look at the mobility of the Thoracic spine, or their mid-back. For many however, during our Fascial Stretch Therapy treatment for neck and shoulder, we end up finding tension locked up in their wrist.

See the fascial line from the shoulder runs all the way down the arm and into the hand and fingers. It is called the Deep Arm Front Line. Sometimes we won’t experience any further release in the shoulder if there is a ‘bunch’ of untreated fascia that is locked up in the hands.

It’s like a a rubber band. We can stretch is to it’s maximum elasticity, but if there is a knot at the end, the elasticity will be inhibited.

Stretching your hands and fingers, can be very beneficial to maintain healthy fascia and release shoulder and neck tension.


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