20 Variations of One of The Best Core Exercises – The Side Plank

The video below contains side plank variations for beginners to intermediate to advanced. The side plank is a great exercise to strengthen the core and hip muscles for those that experience low back tension, tight hips, and various other dysfunctions that can arise.

One of the great things about the side plank core exercise is that you can gauge that your core is progressively getting stronger. There is no set length of time for each exercise. For the static (holding) ones you can start with 15s, and gradually increase your time. For the ones that go through repetitions, you can start with 5 repetitions and gradually make your way up as your brain and muscles learn the technique and engage the right muscles while keeping optimal body mechanics.


This is another one of our Try This Tuesday Series dedicated to bringing you exercises you can do at home without equipment.


Enjoy and please feel free to contact us with any questions or to book an appointment