Stretches for (or to prevent) Knee Pain

There are various different possibilities for knee pain. Sometimes the malfunction may come from the leg muscles/hip joint and travel down, and sometimes it may come from the feet/ankle joint and travel up (video coming soon).

Sometimes knee pain comes from athletics/wear and tear/direct impact. In which case, it requires acute treatment – Physiotherapy/Chiropractic treatment, which is to be followed by active therapy – stretching and strengthening.

If your case of knee pain comes from the hips (possibly you sit quite a bit or have experienced tightness in your hips), then these stretches would be ideal for you. These stretches are also great as prevention. Keeping the muscles loose will help mitigate biomechanical malfunctions that come when muscles and joints loose their laxity.

If you missed our video on joint laxity, check it out here! You will most likely learn a thing or 2 about your body.

Here are the stretches for Knee Pain:


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