5 Must-Know Pieces of Info For Your Health (Learned during my FST Certification)

Last week I was in Arizona for the training to become a Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist. I’m excited to bring it back to Vancouver to help you with your movement challenges, things you want to improve, fitness goals, injury rehabilitation, and other pain in the butt issues you can’t seem to get rid of. As I always knew Fascial Stretch Therapy is far from just laying on a table to get stretched. It is a vessel to healing.

Being surrounded by these instructors, and the creators/developers of FST themselves, meant a S#%T TON of value. Being newly certified, my mission (and my way of saying thank you to these amazing people who I cannot say enough about) is NOW to share the information, and educate YOU guys!… So let’s get to it!

1. Fascia is full of nerve endings (AKA information!!). Stress and emotions are like computer downloads that are saved and sent via fascia. Relieving fascia can elicit various neurological responses such as underlying emotions. FST is also very effective piece to the puzzle in treating PTSD. So long as you trust your therapist 🔁

2. Pregnant women find FST greatly relieving – there are slightly different protocols for women in different stages of pregnancy. Rule #1 never/rarely traction a pregnant woman

3. Your FST session is going to be different than the next persons. Why? because your physical demands are unique to you. Elaborate? So let’s use Dancers for example (i.e. Ballet). The requirement of being on their toes means, overtime, Fascial Trains will morph to support the pressure in their toes and forefoot (their body will lay down more structure)… This has implications for later in life. As therapists, we know your unique past (near and far) will effect the Fascial Trains that run up and down your body. Hmmmm what were/are your demands?

4. Fascia morphs very slowly, so injuries you had years ago are still apart of you (remember – it’s downloaded), so knowing about your old injuries is pivotal information for us (Which is why our intake form is so long  – #sorrynotsorry). Don’t worry if you forget anything on the intake – We’ll probably find a clue and figure it out sooner than later. Depending on the complexity of injury / root cause, “slowness” of information, Therapists will likely need more than 1-2 sessions to be able to fully assess, evaluate, re-evaluate to tailor sessions best for your needs.

5. Healthy fascia is lubricated, loose, and moves easy. How do we achieve this? Aside from many other factors… Guess the biggest and simplest one! – – – – – – Hydration. Yet ANOTHER reason to drink water.

If you’re super eager to know more ways to have healthy fascia drop a line or if you know already this therapy is one for you to delve into, hit us up via online booking that way I don’t want to ramble too much on here.

When booking your appointment here’s what you ned to know. If you need some injuries assessed, we have a level 2 therapist to help you with that. If you need a tune up and have a minor tight spot here or there, see our level 1. Hope that helps!

Thanks folks!!! SUPER EXCITED to bring you guys more information about your bodies that you may not have known. Thank you for reading.