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What a wonderful experience I had today during my initial assessment with Jessica. I really feel that she has a good handle on my injuries and the complexities of my multiple accidents and injuries along with my back surgery. She was more than understanding and I feel like I am in good hands so thank you. I am looking forward to my program with her!Katie
"I have been working out with Active Kinetix throughout my entire pregnancy! I was a bit leery of the intensity of the workouts when I first found out I was pregnant..... but as I progressed, they altered the intensity of the workouts and I felt great! The workouts gave me the energy that I desperately needed; especially through the first & third trimester! I've really noticed how "strong" I've been feeling throughout. A lot of pregnant ladies I've met along my journey have all complained of their sore backs; but I honestly have not had a sore back at all! I know it's because of the core strengthening I was doing before and during the 1st trimester of my pregnancy. I credit feeling great throughout my pregnancy all to working out and of course - eating healthy (give or take the bowl of ice cream I've had to indulge in here and there 😉 .....) I strongly encourage any pregnant lady out there to work out with Active Kinetix! I wouldn't have done it any differently :)" Carmen
I am a certified Bikram Yoga teacher and enjoy many levels of fitness. Asma started training me about 3 months before my wedding so I could lose the extra pounds yoga just wouldn’t get rid of; within the first month I started to see results. She worked me harder then ever during our sessions, gave me a work out plan that I could do on my own, help with a balanced eating regime and even adapted the exercises to fit my low back issue. I felt Asma to be very personable, reliable and she kept me confident in meeting my fitness goals. I felt strong and beautiful on my wedding day and will be using her again soon to help shed the extra few post natal pounds I have to lose for the summer.Katelynn
“I have been training with Active Kinetix about twice a week for about 6 months now, My initial purpose was to get into wedding-dress shape, and I couldn’t recommend her more highly! Not only was I encouraged and motivated to do things I never thought I would ever be able to accomplish (pull-ups!) but I and everyone around me has noticed my body change and become more toned than I’ve ever had it before, despite being a generally active person. I’m feeling stronger, eating healthier, and have more energy. I love the team at Active Kinetix so much and I’m so excited to see how I look and feel on the day I actually get married! Thanks for making the gym such a truly enjoyable experience :)”Faiza
“I started with Active Kinetix in March of 2012 with the goal to drop a few pounds before my birthday; right away the team acknowledged my goals and made them their own. They started the process by taking the time to understand my diet and educate me on how what you eat can affect you. They taught me that making small changes over time can lead to die hard habits that stick with you for life. They created specific work out plans that suited my goals, my access to fitness equipment and my schedule. To think of it, the whole process barely required any time investment as workouts/stats and interactions were available on-line. I never in my entire life thought I could be where I am today especially after only 10-12 months of working with Active Kinetix. I have surpassed my goals and more by losing over 40 pounds of fat, 6 inches on my waist and I now have the ability to do things physically that I could never do before. My experience with Active Kinetix has changed my life forever. People tell me all the time how much better I look and all I can say is I have never felt younger. Thanks guys!”Adam
I started training at Active Kinetix 2 years ago as I was experiencing chronic back pain due to a curvature in my spine. The Kinesiologist takes me through an effective exercise program in which my progress has been remarkable. What helps motivate me big time is I am explained the purpose behind each exercise.Angie
"I saw Marilyn for Active rehab for my injuries after my car accident and I could not have asked for a better trainer. Our twice a week sessions were extremely beneficial. At the end of our program Marilyn gave me a routine to follow. She made sure I knew how to correctly do the exercises. I feel strong and confident to now exercise on my own.” - Amanda
No matter where you are starting from, the trainers at Active Kinetix have the ability to tailor their approach to the individual that also includes some laughs and a good butt kicking.Keith
“Having always played multiple sports and maintained a decent weight, I didn’t realize my level of fitness, or lack thereof, until I started personal training with Asma. I can honestly say that I am in better shape today than I was at 25! I love Active Kinetix and what they have done for me physically and mentally. Asma’s knowledge of sport and fitness is undeniable. Her zest for life is contagious and working out with her is the BEST way to start out the day!” Jo-Ann
Asma and I have been working together for almost 4 years. Since then I have lost over 40 pounds and have increased my overall fitness immeasurably. Asma has always known how to keep me motivated – challenging me with exercises and coaching me on proper nutrition.Carol