The Cravings Are Not in Your Head (Ladies!)

hormone belly

As I finish writing the 4th chapter of Find Your Flowmy 6 week program to help women find alignment in their health and fitness, my main goal is to bring awareness and understanding to the natural rhythms of the female body.

For example – let’s talk about our metabolism, cravings, and hunger levels during our menstrual cycle.

The reason this information is important is because women who are in their reproductive years, I’ve learned, have a hormonal cycle – 28/30 day Menstrual cycle during which our hormones, energy, metabolism is constantly changing.

When we don’t factor in our natural biological rhythm, we begin experiencing subtle issues. Particularly, when it comes to our fitness, we experience fitness plateau’s and feel stuck in our progress.

This is generally due to hormonal imbalances because we are not flowing with the seasons of our body. We are structured with our workouts, i.e. Every Weds and Friday, or every evening, or every morning. Where as scheduling workouts according to our natural energetic flow allows our hormones, energy levels, to stay in alignment to our organs can function optimally.

Chapter 4 is all about bringing awareness to our Nutrition and Digestion in relation to our menstrual cycle. A woman’s metabolism speeds up as her body cleanses with a bleed (Menstrual phase).

A few days leading up to, and a few days into my menstrual phase, I am most ravenous. AND some months it changes where I don’t have those urges to eat everything around me. When the urges do come up – I honor them all and eat when my body is craving. Pizza? Sure. Kale ceasar salad? I can eat that everyday anyways!

A woman’s body will require anywhere from 150 – 300 extra calories per DAY around bleed time.

So… what about the MyFitnessPal counter that says you’ve now overate… should you do the cardio to equal it out? NAH! Stay in flow, there is follicular phase for the high energy stuff.

For myself, when I really listen, my body wants to rest and digest during menstrual phase. There is no excess energy for intense working out. Maybe a stretch, a walk in nature, may just simply deep breathing, or a massage.

I didn’t always know this information though. So I would push my body to suck-it-up and exercise because it always makes us feel better, right?

If the body has the energetic availability, listen and honour that. Don’t sign up for intense one hour classes as the body may not have the energetic availability for that class, at that time.

When we push our body our of energetic capacity is when we burnout.

Burnout is an topic that is not addressed in the fitness industry however all trainers and coaches should be able to (at minimum) see if we are burning out our clients even more. Truly take a dive in to their life to see them as a whole.

Otherwise, I hope to keep updating this blog page but if not, see more posts on this topic on my insta, or visit the Find Your Flow page which is the 6 week program I finally got to birth over Covid.

If you want to learn more about Burnout, check out this video on my youtube.

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Asma Kassam, BHK, CSNA, CFST

Kinesiologist, Sports Nutrition Advisor, Fascial Stretch Therapist, Women’s Health Advocate. Active Kinetix Health and Fitness Burnaby Vancouver