Virtual Training During Covid-19

I hope everyone is doing well. We have received lots of emails, texts, and Instagram messages. There is a large need for proper mobility training. Not just pushups and lunges. We know! And we want to acknowledge you for realizing YOUR needs.

If you are experiencing an increased amount of tension in your body, you are definitely not alone!

Our schedules have been filling up each week with people experiencing a sense of all round de-conditioning in their body, whether it’s strength, mobility, physical, or mental. We hear you.

As Kinesiologists and Fitness coaches who use exercise and movement drills, we are EXCITED and beyond HONOURED to be able to coach and empower you virtually during this time. 

What we do first is identify where you are at. Then lay out the priorities to focus on. Yes, sometimes it is the full body. In which case you are literally in the right place. We treat using the framework that the body is made up of “Fascial trains.” This essentially means (as we know) the body doesn’t function as separate entities. What affects our hips, effects our neck and shoulder. What affects us physically, affects us mentally. 

From there, we schedule a time for you to begin your first session (assuming we can indeed help you, and you are on board)!

After that, we give you a plan, but we still need to schedule sessions with you to make sure you stay ENGAGED, INFORMED, EMPOWERED, and CHALLENGED.

Here is a quick promo video we created during the very start of this.

Please note our Virtual sessions are at our same rates minus $20/session

We love and miss working hands-on with everyone’s beautiful faces, but hopefully we will see you very soon via ZOOM!

Asma and the Active Kinetix Team