WTF is Fascia?


Is it possible the pain in your neck is actually coming from the fallen arches in your feet? 



Is it plausible the partial reason for your bloating, gas, constipation, or that anxiety you feel is partially due to the lack of movement in the FASCIA surrounding your ribcage /diaphragm / and intestines. Poor fascial health has so many effects!

WTF is fascia?

Here is an image of our body’s Anatomy Trains Which gives us framework to understand why when we can train/stretch/traction/release someones foot, their neck pain eases up. Why during FST sessions stretching the calves, hamstrings, and glutes can help someone feel more comfortable to sit upright. 


My friends, with these 2 books I swear to bring you the truth and nothing but the truth

Having a deep understanding of our bodies “Anatomy Trains,” allows myself and the team (who are all well versed in Fascial Trains) to treat your movement, your injuries, your aches and pains from a FULL-BODY GLOBAL perspective.

If you’ve been seeking out the same type of therapy for a long time (or have a bad taste for certain types of therapy) it is likely because your body doesn’t respond LONG-TERM to just treating the “pain point” locally.

What Anatomy Trains teaches us for example is that your fallen arches in your feet (or foot) may very well be the reason for that pain in your neck.

Or that shoulder issue may be coming from years of doing certain movements with your wrist i.e. waitressing, cutting hair, doing nails (aestheticians!!) and so much more. In which case your wrist has laid down extra “support” to help you do these things.

I’m not saying this is all definitively why, but my friends let’s be AWARE that our bodies are responsive beings and if YOU HAVEN’T BEEN RESPONDING to the same type of therapy for months or years…. It likely isn’t working for a reason… Not because there’s anything wrong with you.
DAY 1 of my road to becoming a Fascial Stretch Therapist was full of value to help you guys move better, get stronger, get fitter, and be happier 

While I practice and get my skill level to 110%, we have two talented certified therapists on the team already. If you have any troubles that need attention, we’re here for YOU.