When Doctors tell their patients to AVOID exercise

The look on my face when Doctors tell patients to AVOID exercise

I usually don’t check work emails on Sunday. But while I was paddle boarding yesterday I got an email from a client I’ve been waiting to hear from…. To say – Her GP recommended she AVOID exercise 

So I asked, okay did your doctor say for how long?
The response – they didn’t say… they just said to avoid exercise altogether.

I felt a sad feeling for this lovely client.
Sad that her hope for leading a life, full of VIBRANCE and ENERGY, would slip farther and farther away.

My friends, avoiding exercise may seem like a good and viable suggestion, as the body needs to “rest,” however, this old adage is the reason why people have become more and more sedentary.

I guarantee there’s a part of YOU, that likely knows deep down, that avoiding exercise is NOT going to help you get strong. There has to be some type of movement that can help you!

Knowing what people go through during an injury/pain of any sort – exercise is SO great, mentally, emotionally, physically. More than happy to discuss all the science behind it as well :)!

So, what to do?

My friends, this is why I am writing to you.

We’ve had clients come in for various injuries/strains/anything that is impacting their mental or physical well-being really. They’re in dire situations.

🔹body is yearning to move
🔹to be stretched
🔹to create blood circulation
🔹heart wants to pump faster
🔹muscles are atrophying
🔹compensations becoming more and more deep-rooted
🔹Should I even get into the mental and emotional detriments this has on a person
🔹The ‘injury’ now governs their life and stays with them, affects their family, career, self-worth

Take ownership of your own health.

Like these people did

Become in-tune with your body and seek multiple opinions.

Most importantly, DO NOT let your fire die

Ignite the fire inside of YOU

No one is going to do it for you


There is so much help for you right now

No pity parties, no dilly daddling, but DO get someone who knows what they are doing!

Likely a Kinesiologist or an experienced Personal Trainer who understands the TYPE of exercise therapy you need, will be the right fit for you. I emphasize, the type of exercise is of key importance for everyone, especially those with an injury or 2.

I urge you to please take action, you are not alone.

We have helped hundred’s of people in the same position. Avoid the spiral effect of the physical injury manifesting into your mental health.

GO get it!

Yours in health, 


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Yours in health


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