Kinesiologist standing inside Personal Training studio Capitol Hill Athletics in Burnaby

Why I don’t just ‘Personal Train’ anymore

Kinesiologist standing inside Personal Training studio Capitol Hill Athletics in Burnaby


The greatest privilege and by far the most fulfilling aspect of my life has been my Kinesiologist/Personal Training career.  Helping people with their health and fitness has been my sole purpose. As I continue to grow personally and professionally I have found in efforts to continue to be aligned with my values and beliefs of TRULY helping people, I have to expand my coaching to transition away from only Personal Training


As much as I LOVE setting exercise goals for people and hearing about how much better their injuries are since they started exercising with us (huge win), many times these successes and wins take a gradual pitfall as people stop exercising regularly.

As I grow as a fitness professional and as a person, I have been altering my training technique, my approach, and the advice I give. 

Since, the core of me doesn’t believe in training someone for their summer body or for their beach vacation, I find much more fulfillment and longevity in training people for their LIFE (mind, body, vitality). It seems, my approach has been – learning as much about a client as possible:

  • personally 
  • professionally (work demands, work ethic)
  • what kind of person they are / personality type
  • how do they sleep
  • how does their body function
  • how healthy is their fascia (blog: what is Fascia)
  • do they have injuries, how is it affecting their life
  • how they will be most successful here
  • what does achieving these fitness goals ACTUALLY mean to them
  • does it reflect their self worth
  • what is their main ‘downfall’
  • what can I  assign to them in order to achieve small results weekly
  • what do they want to hear
  • what do they NOT want to hear but NEED to hear
  • what else can I do to be the most HELPFUL coach while being the most authentic me.

This brings me to next point of why I cannot just ‘Personal Train’ or ‘rehab injuries.’ This thought was solidified during my Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) training in Arizona in January 2019. Learning about how exactly our body is physically impacted by our emotional experiences , and learning how our fascia stores emotional trauma… is simply fascinating. May explain why people feel so good after FST. If you want to read more about ‘fascia’ check my 5 Must-Know Pieces of Info for Your Health

Exercise and FST will always be the cornerstone of my practice as I believe movement is life however, I can put you through endless exercises and hand you a meal plan but if you have emotional ties to the food you’re eating, or an energy drain somewhere in your life, then getting you to workout and eat well isn’t going to come easy, and if it does (because you’re extremely strong-headed) it’s a nice band-aid for the time-being but we really haven’t made any real progress in your health & fitness.

I’m not saying I’m trying to be anyone’s counsellor, rather as a health and fitness coach, I only feel authentic training someone when I know I can point out or assign some ‘non-exercise related’ homework in efforts to bring them closer to their physical goals.

Otherwise, I am at a dead-end and can no longer help…unless I function outside of my authentic self.

If you are in need of health and fitness coaching such as what I talk about here, we’d love to hear from you.


Our team is so small because as a team, I believe all our values have to align in what we believe health and fitness coaching is all about. Therefore, if for any reason I personally am unable to help you – I am lucky to be a part of an amazingly talented team  who can also help you through.

And if you’ve been trying to do it alone, ask yourself what progress you’ve made in the last year. Its tough, it’s not always fun, but SO worth it to learn to be in control of your health (and your life).


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Asma Kassam, BHK

Health & Fitness Coach / Fascial Stretch Therapist

Active Kinetix Fitness & Rehabilitation

Burnaby, Vancouver, BC