No More Fitness Tips!!!

In my last blog post “has this ever happened to you” I talked about how we let things get in the way of our exercise regimen. I’m too stressed, I’m sick, I’m too busy, and before you know it, you’re off the wagon again, and the feeling of unworthiness just gets buried deeper and deeper.

Lately I have been doing some personal development and have come across this recurring phrase of the “law of attraction.” You may have heard of it?

The Law of Attraction is a belief that says the positive or negative events and things that happen to YOU are attracted by your positive or negative thoughts.


I can see this being true for a lot of life’s occurrences particularly, the topic that interests me the most – HEALTH. This is why I am not sending out “fitness tips” any more. Most of us know WHAT we need to do… it’s the HOW do we get more people to do more exercise question that is more exciting to learn about, and more exciting to educate you on.  


Let’s apply the “law of attraction” principles health. Most of our clients have learned that they have to schedule in X number of workouts that is realistic for them to achieve before their next session.


Let’s take a step back even for people who are not our clients. People who want/need to improve their health and fitness. Let’s start with the BELIEFS you have about YOURSELF, and the BELIEFS you have about YOUR fitness/working out/health. Phrases such as “I’m too busy” are already negative and you’ve already given yourself the excuse not too exercise. No action to even try to get to the gym, not even a measly dopamine spike to get you excited and motivated even for a minute.


Phrases such as “I know I can exercise 3 days a week for an hour, I just have to ________.” Now that sounds more like a dopamine-releasing, exciting statement.


In a study done on “go-getters” vs. “slackers,” the people willing to work hard, the go-getters had higher levels of dopamine. Dopamine is the brain chemical responsible for motivation, reward, action.

I’m no neuroscientist but I see how excited people get when they set a new intention or have a new idea. The excited, dopamine juices start flowing that’s for sure.

I’d be happy to share that study, just say the word!


Let’s keep going, on our beliefs. Beliefs we may have about our food preferences. “I love sweets” Not only are you training your mind that you can’t do without sweets because you love it… but you’ve already given yourself the excuse to keep eating it because you love it… which likely will interfere with your health goals. One I hear often “I have a sweet tooth.” Yes… the more you believe you have a sweet tooth… the more of a sweet tooth you will have. How can you start changing your beliefs about your food preferences?


Step 1: Be aware of your beliefs, your words, your thoughts.


Let’s do 1 more “Wow, look at him/her, he/she is so fit… I know I’ll never look like that… but at least I can try to loose a little weight.” Thoughts like this definitely don’t ATTRACT a super fit YOU. Instead, it attracts a mediocre, “not a model,” just a regular person mentality.


OK OK OK being a movement specialist… here’s just one more (that we hear alI the time)… “holy that guy/girl is SO flexible, I could never do that with all my issues.” Correction… you’re definitely able to be super flexible, but with a comment like that, you’ve given yourself the easy out by discounting that desire. How about “Hey, I’m sick of being so inflexible and tight all the time, I’m going to ask a fitness professional to provide me with 4 basic stretches specifically for me, that will definitely help me be more flexible.”


NOW I feel the DOPAMINE release you go-getter!!!


[The only reason I say ‘specifically for me’… is because we see a lot of people doing the same old stretches that they learned years ago that continue to stretch the same muscles that are not even the tight ones anymore. If you are going to put in the time into being more flexible, just make sure you are doing the right things. This not only goes for flexibility, but also for exercise and nutrition



Seriously, it’s possible guys.


It’s time to let out that INNER FIRE that knows you want to be fitter, stronger, more flexible, healthier.




What are YOUR current Laws? (Grab a pen and paper)


What are they attracting?


What do you want to achieve?  


I’d be more than happy to help you folks with your LAWS and more than happy to help you with anything that will allow you to take the step into achieving a HEALTHIER, STRONGER, FITTER YOU.


I look forward to hearing from YOU – the sooner the better.


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